There is an increasing global demand for online examinations. Cambridge ESOL is at the cutting edge of developing and managing computer-based examinations. We, Shafston Cambridge Exam Centre, are proud to be part of that worldwide process. Shafston Cambridge Exam Centre (SCEC) is working with Cambridge ESOL to deliver these traditional exams in a manner that reflects market demand in the twenty-first century.

Shafston Cambridge Exam Centre (SCEC) is an authorised Centre for Cambridge ESOL in Australia. SCEC is certified to deliver the following exams in Australia:

Computer-Based testing: The same exam — the same Cambridge certificate


CB C2 Proficiency CB C1 Advanced
CB B1 Preliminary CB B2 First
CB B2 Business Vantage CB C1 Business Higher
CB B1 Preliminary for Schools CB B2 First for Schools


Cambridge ESOL is the world leader in research, development and administration of examinations in English.

SCEC computer based exams are held at Shafston International College, Brisbane and at Shafston’s Gold Coast campus.


The Cambridge ESOL tests consist of General English Exams known as the ‘Main Suite’, Exams for Schools, Professional English exams and Teaching Awards. It is the main suite exams which are the main internationally required certificates of English.

CB B2 First

The Computer Based First Certificate in English is very well-received in organisations and shows that the holder of this certificate has a good grasp of English. At this level the person will be able to: “understand texts from a wide variety of sources, use English to make notes while someone is speaking in English, talk to people about a wide variety of topics and understand people talking in English on radio or television programmes”. This qualification proves you have the language skills to like and work independently in an English-speaking country or study in courses taught in English.

CB B1 Preliminary

The Computer Based Preliminary English Test is the second level on the Cambridge ESOL tests, after KET. The Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) qualification shows that you have mastered the basics of English and now have practical language skills for everyday use.

CB C1 Advanced

C1 Advanced accepted for student VISA applications for Australian Universities and all VISA programmes.

The Computer Based Certificate in Advanced English is one which is most commonly in demand from employers. It is one level up from the FCE and is required for very challenging academic and professional environments. It demonstrates a clear proficiency in English.

CB C2 Proficiency

A Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) qualification shows that you have mastered English to an exceptional level. It proves you can communicate with the fluency and sophistication of a highly competent English speaker.

CB C1 Business Higher | CB B2 Business Vantage

The Computer Based Business English Certificate Vantage and Computer Based Business English Certificate Higher are higher level Business examinations. The Vantage approximates to the FCE and Higher to the CAE. These certificates are in increasing demand worldwide whilst East Asia has recently seen a growing requirement for these certificates by employers.

  • The content for these exams is based on everyday work and business tasks and is designed to develop your English skills.
  • A Cambridge English: Business Vantage (BEC Vantage) qualification shows employers that you are ready to work successfully in international business
  • A Cambridge English: Business Higher (BEC Higher) qualification shows employers that you have achieved an advanced level of business English

CB B1 Preliminary for Schools | CB B2 First for Schools

CB B2 First for Schools and CB Preliminary for Schools are at the same CEFR level as CB B2 First and CB B1 Preliminary but with content more suitable for school age learners.


The off-shore tests are available for prospective students to discover what probable level they might be before coming to Brisbane; these tests are a helpful but preliminary guide. The tests allow us to advise you which course, level and test you are probably most suited for with your current abilities. Assessment is undertaken on a regular basis in all courses to ensure that students are in the course most compatible with their skills levels. Please click here to download the Offshore Cambridge Quick Placement Test.


Results for all Cambridge courses are available online at the Cambridge Results website.

Certificates are usually posted to successful applicants within 6-8 weeks of sitting the exam.

To find out more information, visit the Cambridge Recognition website.


The Cambridge University ESOL examinations have always been widely recognised by governments, official bodies and major corporations around the world, and this is increasingly so in the twenty-first century. There are in excess of 10,000 companies and governments which currently recognise the Cambridge ESOL exams and use them in their human resource programmes. The list of companies recognising Cambridge exams, as run at SCEC, is a who’s who of the business world with such global leaders as UBS Bank, Coca-Cola, BMW, Unilever, Microsoft, Siemens, Volvo, etc. To find out more information, visit the Cambridge Recognition website.

These exams (Preliminary, First, Advanced, Proficiency & Business) are used by governments for a range of purposes, such as: immigration mechanisms, the recruitment and training of public servants, and the training of staff at many tiers of government. They are also used by tertiary education to assess students’ English level and suitability for further study. This recognition is built both on a history of solid research and development of language assessment over decades and the fact that the Cambridge exams dovetail with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR), the cornerstone of global language teaching. For more information and a comparison for ALTE & CEFR please visit the Cambridge CEFR website.

Shafston Cambridge Exam Centre (SCEC) offers candidates the opportunity to sit for these globally recognised exams.


Computer-based testing is flexible and so is SCEC. Register to sit the exam as little as two weeks prior to taking it.

Candidates are asked to be aware that due to the short timeframes with computer-based examinations, there is the possibility that an advertised CB exam may not run if there are insufficient candidates. This information can only be communicated to candidates in the week preceding an exam, as registration numbers are not confirmed until shortly prior to an examination.

Applications to register to sit a Cambridge Exam should be sent to:

Director of Studies
Tel: +61 7 3249 4111
Fax: +61 7 3391 0943


I took the PET exam in the middle of July. I think this computer system is quite nice. However, when I joined the course to prepare for PET exam, I couldn’t use the computer very well, but I am used to it now, because I had experience using a computer during the course. I think it would be difficult to use a computer without practice for the reading. In addition, we need more time to write our answers when doing the listening exam to check our answers. I enjoyed writing on the computer, it’s easier than paper.

Aki Nishi (PET)

Hello, my name is Cassio Fleury. I’m 20 years old, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Recently I came to the Gold Coast, to study business at Shafston College. A few months ago, a very funny bloke told us in class that we could do, if we wanted to, a test to measure our business English skills, and I asked myself, why not? =D

The exam is the Business English Certificate (BEC) Vantage, by the Cambridge Exam Centre. We didn’t even have to go to Brisbane to take the test, everything was done here at the Gold Coast

Well, I wasn’t really nervous about the test, but anyway, Alex (the funny bloke from before) did everything he could to make us comfortable with it, like arranging some coffee for us in the first break, and let us decide how long we wanted every break to last.

There were four evaluation criteria: speaking, listening, writing and reading. That’s right, no grammar kids. The test focused itself (for obvious reasons) in the corporate matters, so all the content wasn’t really new for me as I studied marketing back in Brazil, but anyway, I guess the information was very clear and comprehensible, apart for some more complex terms.

I guess I did okay, I passed with a grade B (77/100).

Cassio Fleury (BEC Vantage)

Doing the computer-based BEC Vantage test was a very good experience. I am a person who has used a computer far more than paper based activities, so it was very natural and stimulating to do the exam in such a fashion. I have done a paper based Cambridge test before and I think they will soon became obsolete. The computer based Cambridge tests are the future and I am looking forward to doing the BEC Higher computer version of the test.

Francisco Azevedo (BEC Vantage)

I was in a first group of students who did the computer based exam, which is more up-to-date and also a convenient way of testing. The actual exam takes place in a computer lab where each student sits at his/her own computer.

The significant value of this modern examination method is especially the listening part. Using your own headset that enables you to adjust your volume and keeps you away of the noise in the classroom, it’s just great!

Using computers for testing is very comfortable, especially for young people who are more familiar with computers than with paper and pen.

Sandra Gosmanová (CAE)


SCEC computer based exams are held at Shafston International College, Brisbane and Shafston Gold Coast.

The examination centre in Brisbane is located at 46 Thorn Street, Kangaroo Point, which is easily accessible by bus City Cat or City Hopper. There is also a car park at the centre and ample street parking nearby.

There is also a cafeteria at the campus which candidates are welcome to use (Monday-Friday).

The Gold Coast campus is at 13 Nerang Street, Southport. There is a bus and tram stop a few minutes walk from the college and plenty of parking at Australia Fair Shopping Centre (3 hours free parking), which is also a few minutes walk from the college.



If you would like to get in touch with Shafston Cambridge Exam Centre, please use the details below:

Tel: +61 (7) 3249 4111
Address: 46 Thorn Street, Kangaroo Point
Brisbane QLD 4169 Australia