I started my career as a Sister City Ambassador in Japan, where I discovered a passion for teaching. Since then, I’ve taught students from over 40 countries, and have over 20 years’ experience in Japan, Turkey, Honduras, China and Australia as a teacher, program coordinator and Director of Studies.


Working with students from around the world is awesome. Watching their English progress is just a small part of the enjoyment. Being a teacher in a classroom full of young adults from diverse backgrounds is a truly rewarding experience.


I’ve been a teacher at Shafston for 14.5 years, mainly teaching the First Certificate in English exam preparation course. I’ve taught students from all over the world: Chile, Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, Thailand and many more. I love meeting people from such a variety of counties and cultures.


I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to teach English to such diverse groups of international people. Every day is different as each student brings with them a unique set of needs to fill as they progress toward fluency in the English Language.


I began teaching a little over 30 years ago when I went to Japan to be an English conversation teacher. It was supposed to be just for one year but I ended up teaching there for 20 years and now here for over ten years. Over that time I have taught all kinds of classes from kindergarten to TOEIC.


I worked for approximately 6 years in Japan in the ESL industry. After completing university, I worked in QLD state highschools for 10 years, teaching English, Social Education, History, Japanese and a little legal studies.


I have had several jobs but teaching is the best for me. I love meeting students from all around the world.


I had a wonderful experience teaching in Buenos Aires so I decided to continue teaching when I returned to Australia a few months ago. I love my job and I find it rewarding to watch my students improve and gain confidence in their English skills.