I started out in teaching by doing some English tutoring work while studying Mandarin in China. After that, I went to Japan and taught English at NOVA for 1.5 years. Then I returned to Australia, where I have spent the large majority of my English teaching work life at Shafston.


I started teaching English to students of all ages while I was living in Italy. At first I worked at a school but then I started working privately and ended up doing over 40 hours of teaching a week. I returned to Australia 8 years ago and have been at Shafston for the last six years.


I have been teaching in the industry, both internationally and in Australia, for over 15 years. I have worked as a teacher, curriculum developer and manager during this time. My focus and passion is on developing technology and how it can be utilized in the classroom to enrich the student’s learning experience.


Although I’ve only just started teaching, I am enjoying every moment of it so far. Being able to teach someone to learn a second language is truly a rewarding experience. It’s also ‘the’ perfect opportunity to learn about other cultures and meet students from all around the world.


I started teaching English in South Korea where I lived and worked for a year. I taught all ages and abilities. I have since worked at schools in Canada and Australia. I love teaching all levels, but my favourite classes are FCE and CAE.


I began teaching English and Special Education in high schools and became Head of the English Department at my last school. I taught in numerous language schools in Sydney before taking an Assistant Principal’s position in North Sydney.


I started teaching English with a 1-year trip to Tokyo, Japan in 1992, which turned into an almost 6-year stay. After leaving Japan I taught in Kathmandu, Nepal and then travelled through India and Africa before settling in Australia. I’ve been teaching here for almost 17 years and thoroughly enjoy it.


I have spent 28 years teaching English to International Students both in Australia and Japan. In Japan I spent 2 years in a high school (JET programme) and 8 years in a University in Nagoya. In Australia, I have taught many levels from the Elementary to CAE. I also have 10 years of Director of Studies experience at several schools on the Gold Coast.