I started out in teaching by doing some English tutoring work while studying Mandarin in China. After that, I went to Japan and taught English at NOVA for 1.5 years. Then I returned to Australia, where I have spent the large majority of my English teaching work life at Shafston.


I started teaching English in South Korea where I lived and worked for a year. I taught all ages and abilities. I have since worked at schools in Canada and Australia. I love teaching all levels, but my favourite classes are FCE and CAE.


I started teaching English with a 1-year trip to Tokyo, Japan in 1992, which turned into an almost 6-year stay. After leaving Japan I taught in Kathmandu, Nepal and then travelled through India and Africa before settling in Australia. I’ve been teaching here for almost 17 years and thoroughly enjoy it.


I have spent 28 years teaching English to International Students both in Australia and Japan. In Japan I spent 2 years in a high school (JET programme) and 8 years in a University in Nagoya. In Australia, I have taught many levels from the Elementary to CAE. I also have 10 years of Director of Studies experience at several schools on the Gold Coast.


I started my career as a Sister City Ambassador in Japan, where I discovered a passion for teaching. Since then, I’ve taught students from over 40 countries, and have over 20 years’ experience in Japan, Turkey, Honduras, China and Australia as a teacher, program coordinator and Director of Studies.


I’ve been a teacher at Shafston for 14.5 years, mainly teaching the First Certificate in English exam preparation course. I’ve taught students from all over the world: Chile, Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, Thailand and many more. I love meeting people from such a variety of counties and cultures.


I began teaching a little over 30 years ago when I went to Japan to be an English conversation teacher. It was supposed to be just for one year but I ended up teaching there for 20 years and now here for over ten years. Over that time I have taught all kinds of classes from kindergarten to TOEIC.


I worked for approximately 6 years in Japan in the ESL industry. After completing university, I worked in QLD state highschools for 10 years, teaching English, Social Education, History, Japanese and a little legal studies.